Our Heritage

 4th Annual Carberry Heritage Festival, Friday & Saturday, August 12 & 13, 2016


Most prairie towns in Manitoba have experienced ongoing physical renewal over the last 130 years with older commercial and residential buildings burned or torn down and replaced. The faces of Main Streets all over the province are in continuous flux. Exceptions to this process are rare and precious and one Manitoba town stands out – Carberry. That’s us.


Carberry bucked the typical raze-and-build trend of most small towns and proudly retains most of its original brick and mortar architecture from its formative years in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Because of this, Carberry has the distinction of having Manitoba’s first and, so far, only Heritage District. CARBERRY OCTOBER PICTURES 037

Designated by the provincial heritage department as a rare example of an early small town Manitoba streetscape, two blocks of Main Street comprise the district, which includes 28 mostly brick buildings, all of them deemed significant for their architectural and historical value and designated so. It’s a little slice of heritage heaven. Besides Main Street, Carberry has many notable heritage buildings in its original core area.


The festival is just one way we celebrate our past. The Carberry Plains Museum and The Seton Centre offer in-depth looks into our unique history. The Carberry Plains Archives, created in April 1988, has an extensive collection of archival artifacts and can assist local residents and their descendants with genealogical research and with the safekeeping of their precious family documents and photographs. The Carberry Plains Archives is located in the library.


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