4th Annual Carberry Heritage Festival, Friday & Saturday, August 12 & 13, 2016

The Carberry Heritage Festival celebrates our town’s unique heritage, uniqueCARBERRY FESTIVAL 2014 021 because Carberry has Manitoba’s only designated Heritage District as deemed by the Historic Resources Branch of the provincial government. The District features twenty-eight designated heritage buildings in a two-block span of Main Street. 

Our all-ages, alcohol-free festival focuses on giving local people and those from away an opportunity to explore our built heritage and our human heritage and the relationship between them. 

Human Heritage

CARBERRY FESTIVAL 2014 036To celebrate our human heritage the Carberry Heritage Festival provides local heritage performers, artists and artisans an opportunity to share their arts and interests with festival goers. We prominently feature local singers, dancers and other performers who demonstrate an aspect of our human heritage. Additionally demos and displays of heritage breeds of live animals, wool spinning, cooking with edible wild plants, antique quilt show, vintage automobiles, trucks and farm equipment, an old fashioned strawberry social and guided walking tours of the Carberry Cemetery with details about the lives of former residents provide more glimpses into our shared past.

Built Heritage

CARBERRY MUSEUM JONES CHURCHES PICS 063To show off our rich built heritage the Carberry Heritage Festival offers guided horse-drawn carriage rides through the town’s historic core, guided walking tours of the buildings on Main Street by the Carberry Plains archivist along with tours inside select heritage buildings including our 1900 Gingerbread House. The Chamber of Commerce runs a contest for best heritage store window display on Main Street. Some merchants dress in period costumes.

Our two-day festival is a growing event. Every year there is a substantial increase in engagement and interest among area people andCARBERRY FESTIVAL 2014 004 businesses. Our volunteer base expands every year. 

The Carberry Heritage Festival takes place on the Friday and Saturday following the August long weekend. The two blocks in the Heritage District are closed to motorized traffic creating the festival grounds. Most of the activities take place there. Most activities are free.


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