New Fundraiser Guide Book Available at Festival

COVER scan0002It’s hot off the press!

This is the cover of the latest fundraising project by four of Carberry’s heritage organizations. The Heritage Walking Tour guide book benefits the Carberry Plains Archives, Carberry Plains Museum, Carberry Heritage Festival and The Seton Centre. The book will be available this year’s heritage festival.

Production and printing costs were covered by generous donations from the Carberry Chamber of Commerce, Westoba Credit Union and many citizens of Carberry and area allowing all the proceeds from book sales to go directly to the four groups. Nine merchants and organizations bought ads in the guide. The book, printed by Carberry News-Express and Derksen’s Printing in Steinbach, sells for $10.

This is a sample page from the walking tour guide book. CARBERRY BOOK PAGE 1scan0001 The guide is 56 pages long in a handy pocket format and features 45 heritage buildings and sites in Carberry. The tour includes the 28 designated heritage buildings on Main between 2nd and 4th. These buildings comprise Manitoba’s only Heritage District, deemed so by the provincial heritage branch a few years ago.

Each site was researched and photographed by Winnipeg heritage buff and writer Reid Dickie who wrote descriptions of the buildings along with background on who occupied the places.

“I worked for two years creating the guide book. I lost track of how many times I visited Carberry doing research,” says Reid.  “It was a labour of love and I’m thrilled with the result and even happier to help raise some funds for worthwhile organizations.”

Along with vivid descriptions, the book contain 86 pictures, most in colour, some archival, a map of the walking tour through town plus interesting facts about Carberry and its history. CARBERRY BOOK PAGE 1scan0003 The guide book makes a great gift for current and former Carberry and area residents, graduating students, visitors, friends and family. Its size makes it easy to mail. The book is an effective local promotion and marketing tool for Carberry councils, organizations and businesses. It demonstrates pride in the past, honouring those who built the town and farmed the land.

The guide book will be available to the yellow Info Tent on Main Street on Festival Saturday and at the Carberry Plains Museum on 4th Avenue and at The Seton Centre on Main both days of the festival. Please get your copy soon.

After the heritage festival, the guide book will be available at The Seton Centre, Carberry Plains Museum, the Archives in the old Town Hall and at The Magic Bean Coffeehouse on Main. It’ll be the best $10 you ever spent.



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