Retro Fashions Add New Wrinkle to Festival


View More: of the Saturday highlights at this year’s festival is the Vintage Fashion Show at 2:00. Adrienne Hiebert, who runs Vintage Costume Company in Brandon, is creating the show which spans the 20th century in fashion.

“It’s been such fun putting the Carberry show together,” says Adrienne.

“There will be seven female models, two or three children and one male model with three costume changes so 30 costumes. It’s all set to music from the same era as the clothes.”

It’s not just the costumes that change but the make-up and hair styles are authentic to the time. During the costume changes two dancers will demonstrate dances from the era getting the audience to dance along.

“It’s easy to find women to model, harder to find men,” says Adrienne. “C’mon guys, there must be a few handsome men in Brandon who want to wear a sleek 1960s suit and cool fedora like in Mad Men or look like a 1920s gangster.” The challenge has be issued, Brandon guys.

Her costume collection is growing rapidly as is her business. Adrienne has been operating out of her home but will expand into an 1100 square foot showroom in downtown Brandon soon.

“I am opening a studio at 306-10th Street as of August. Hours will still be by appointment only or by chance, as I often close the studio for private functions,” says Adrienne. The studio will be filled with all sorts of vintage clothing and related finds: a hair styling & makeup bar, photography studio and some retail accessories/clothing. Our grand opening will likely be in September. Watch Facebook and my website for details.”

The festival wishes Adrienne much success in her new endeavor. Can’t wait for the fashion show!

Check out her website addh



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