Vintage Fashion Show A Festival First

bdn v 1The newest feature of this year’s Carberry Heritage Festival is a vintage fashion show featuring costumes spanning most of the 20th century. Expect bdn v 3to see molls in flapper dresses and long pearls hanging on the arms of gangsters in double-breasted suits and wide ties from the 1920s; pin-up girls and housewives from the 1950s; sleek suits and tight dresses a la Mad Men contrasting with hippy styles from the 1960s and an array of prom dresses from the 1980s.

The 45 minute show is presented by the Vintage Costume Company run by Adrienne Hiebert of Brandon. Check out her website. Along with the costumes the show will be accented with music from eras on display asbdn v 5 well as audience participation with the models. The fashion show will definitely be one of the highlights of Saturday afternoon.

Once again this year singer Tillie Harpelle will be performing old style country songs. You can find out more about Tillie on our Profiles page.

More events are being finalized. Keep checking back for details. Follow us by clicking on the tab on the right to receive emails when new posts are added.

Anything appearing below this line has nothing to do with the Carberry Heritage Festival.


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